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Our projects:

·         The rule of law Project;

The Project aims to ensure that there is an engagement of key institutions towards:

a. Public Interest Litigation

b. The Annual Rule of Law Project

C. The assurance of independent institutions in the administration of justice;

d.The promotion of social justice and equality before the law;

e. Ensuring an end to corruption; and

f. Creation of awareness on the rights and duties of citizens.

·         Judicial Integrity project;

·         Legal Aid and Consumer Protection

A.      Online/ virtual call center on legal aid through our Virtual Legal Aid Answers (hyperlink to our virtual legal Aid answers) and Consumer Protection helpline

B.      Provide links to legal aid resources and the legal aid hub (hyperlink to view our hub) on institutions that offer legal aid in kenya;

C.      Provide access to pro bono legal services;

D.       Provide information on the laws relating to consumer protection and receipt of consumer-related complaints;

d. A legal Aid Center for people who cannot afford legal services

·         Justice & legal ethics Project

This project engages legal practitioners on

the state of legal ethics in Kenya in a bid to promote ethics in the Legal Ethics in the profession through Webinars, Colloquium & mentorship (an hyperlink to view the 3)

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