Buying or Selling Land in Kenya


About us:

Lexserve is an online legal tech that aids in Faster,Reliable, Affordable and Easier legal

solutions for all your needs including real estate and property solutions

We help you:

  1. Conduct due diligence on the land including Land & Rates Clearance Certificates etc
  2. Draft Sale Agreements (Download a template here/contact us for a custom made Agreement) 

Why chose Lexserve Centre for all your transactions:

We advocate transparent pricing, so all standard fees are already included in the packages

We integrate tech in all our transactions to ensure that all the documents are encrypted and stored in a cloud so you can access them any time at the tap of your fingers.

We respond within 24 hours and prepare the documents the same day you ask for them

Authentic team:


Legal fees for Land Transactions calculated as per the Advocates Renumeration Order
Advocates Renumeration Order

Legal Framework:

  1. Advocates Act (S9,34,35)
  2. Advocates Renumeration Order (Schedule 1)
  1. Get a copy of the Title Deed
  2. Conduct an Official Land Search(Use Form LRA84) Download it here
  3. Get the Official land Search (Registrar gives the Results in Form LRA 85)Download it here
  4. Locate the property’s location through the Survey Plan obtained from the Survey’s Office using the Title Deed
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