Lexserve Digital

We offer legal technology solutions and customizable legal products.

Customizable Contracts & Agreements

We bring you a repository of free and premium contracts and agreements templates. These templates are fully customizable. 

We have tailored them to meet your needs such that you will not need to get into the legal aspect of the document.

 You will only need to customize details such as the names of the parties involved among other details that do not require legal knowledge.

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Legal Tech Tools

Lexserve Centre has partnered with legal tech tools providers to provide you with a database of the right tools for your legal tasks.

Some of these tools are free, freemium and premium.

Featured Legal Tech Tools

Enfinite Solutions Ltd

This tool provides a digital legal platform that provides the right tools for day-to-day law firm operations.
birchfield law

Birchfield Law App

Get to know the legal charges that you will incur on transactions in Kenyan territory.
oslow logo

Oslow Solutions

Our Services are; Contract lifecycle management - Streamline your end to end contract process across your team & organization. Track renewals, store all contracts centrally & generate documents with our pre-built templates.

Legal Assistant

www.LegalAssistant.co.ke is an outsourcing tool that enables advocates to: Find other advocates to hold their brief in court. Find process servers to serve summons. Delegate tasks to other advocates.