Trust Deed for Incorporation of a Trust


The following documents are required when incorporating a charitable trust:

  1. The Trust Deed
  2. A diagrammatic representation of the common seal
  3. Abstract of the minutes of the meeting appointing the trustees
  4. Copy of title documents of immovable property
  5. The Trusts’ statements of accounts
  6. Statement of donor funding and/or commitment with;
  7. Full name and address of the donor
  8. Copy of National Identification Card or passport; or
  9. A copy of the Certificate of Registration, if the donor is a company; and
  10. The domicile/residence of the donor
  11. Details of the trustees;
  12. The PIN certificates
  13. Passport-size photos
  14. Bank statements and/or financial statements
  15. Curriculum vitae of each trustee
  16. Copies of National IDs or Passport.
  17. Proof of stamp duty payment
  18. Petition to the Minister
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